My partner, Hui, and I played 5 games: This is the Only Level, Jurassic Heart, Puzzle Platformer, Save the Beagles, and QWOP. I thought that these games were fun overall; they also had very unique characteristics.


This is the Only Level screenshot

This is the Only Level was very clever being that the player is having different experiences while essentially playing the same level over and over again. Jurassic Heart was hilarious as it seems to be parodying the anime romance game genre. Save the Beagles had a unique art style and it was fun discovering the abilities of my character.

The mechanics in the game, QWOP, were extremely difficult to get used to. After playing for about 2 minutes, I figured that I had to press the keys Q, W, and O, P in a certain rhythm. I tried pressing these keys in many different rhythms but I still never got that far. I felt as if I was not getting rewarded enough for trying to figure out the mechanics.

Jurassic Heart’s mechanics were extremely easy being that the player is given a set of multiple choice answers to choose from. Since this game is more dialogue driven, it is understandable that the mechanics are simple.

Puzzle Platformer’s mechanics is similar to Tetris being that blocks that are stacked with the same color can be destroyed for points. I liked how when your Platformer’s gun is powered up,  more dangerous blocks appear. This is a good mechanic that balances the game so it isn’t to easy as you acquire more power.


Super Puzzle Platformer screenshot